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About Future Science Group

Founded in 2001, Future Science Group is a scientific publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research. Originally, this meant publishing scholarly journals and eBooks – we publish 34 peer-reviewed journals and have published over 300 eBooks – focused on up-and-coming, hi-tech areas of science that touches medicine. Key titles include Epigenomics, Immunotherapy, Regenerative Medicine, Nanomedicine and, more recently, the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.

By covering breakthrough areas, early in their development, we provide a focal point around which communities can convene. And so, in more recent years, we have launched eCommunity websites fed by news, video, webinars and other engaging content to provide a more complete resource for researchers and practitioners. Popular sites include RegMedNet, Bioanalysis Zone and 3DMedNet (covering 3D printing in medicine) – all closely partnered with their corresponding long-established scholarly journals.

Over time our products have evolved, but our overarching mission remains constant: to publish and curate robust, trustworthy content, and unite communities to advance science and medicine. Given this, we’re excited to take the next step into organising conferences – the first of which is 3DMedLIVE – so we can do in person what we have been doing in print and online for decades.

About 3DMedLIVE

In response to calls to bring together surgeons, radiologists, biomedical engineers, 3D printing technicians, medical modellers and healthcare professionals, with regulators, engineers, start-ups and suppliers, we have launched 3DMedLIVE in partnership between 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine. This new event aims to convene all members of the community who, together, can take 3D printing in surgical practice to the next level, and make it an everyday reality in many hospitals.

Over two days, we’ll hear case studies directly from pioneering surgeons and researchers who are already utilising this technology in their practice, plus panel discussions and roundtables with regulators, manufacturers and funders. Leave the PowerPoint at home: 3DMedLIVE is dynamic, conversation-led and solution-focused, with the patient at the heart.

As well as providing a platform for the presentation and discussion of scientific ideas, offering the opportunity to connect with other innovators is core to the mission of 3DMedLIVE. In line with the ethos of 3DMedNet, communication is key to progressing this field, so over the two days there will be plenty of opportunities to network, meet new contacts and – of course – enjoy a drink at the 3DMedLIVE Cocktail Party!

Meet the 3DMedLIVE team

Editor of 3DMedNet

Georgi Makin

Publisher of 3DMedNet

Freya Leask

3DMedLIVE Event Director

Sasha Frieze

Editorial Director at Future Science Group

Laura Dormer

Events Director and Publisher at Future Science Group

Lauren Pulling

Head of Marketing at Future Science Group

Leela Ripton

Business Development Director at Future Science Group

Sarah Mayes

Managing Director at Future Science Group

Phil Garner

Founder and Chairman of Future Science Group, as well as philanthropic ventures The Drake Foundation and The Drake Calleja Trust

James Drake


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